This set of six beautiful hand lettering brushes is a showstopper -- it looks like you are writing with extremely vibrant, sticky syrup. Each procreate lettering brush is pressure sensitive and smooth when used with an Apple Pencil. The six brushes come in a variety of glossy finishes; some are very high gloss, almost glass-like, and some are more dense, vibrant, deep glossy. Please note that these brushes should be used with an iPad Pro procreate app, not procreate pocket. 

- a .pdf file with a secure link to your new brushset, which is ready to be imported to procreate. 
- download instructions 


- The brushes look best with highly saturated colors, but also work very well with dark/saturated and light/medium saturation. They look more glassy at lighter colors, and more opaque with darker colors. You can use the brushes to give glossy effects to something in your artwork, or you can use them for a unique hand lettering piece. I also highly recommend these as "fun/doodle" brushes if you have kids -- it keeps them mesmerized for hours!

Pack of 6 Glossy Procreate Brushes

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