Metallic Gold Procreate Brushes

Metallic Gold Procreate Brushes


Here are 10 Metallic Procreate Brushes and Metallic Effect Brushes. This Metallic Brushset was hand-designed using high-definition metallic foil textures and a mixture of bold and dainty lettering brushes. All of the colors show up nicely against light or dark backgrounds, and several of the brushes have very saturated and cool metallic coloring, similar to the “Luminance” section of your brush library. 

These are pressure-sensitive and will give you a nice lettering look if used with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. Please note: these brushes are designed to be used on the procreate app for iPad Lettering on the iPad Pro (not procreate pocket.)


Your files will be available immediately after purchase. 




 1)   a secure, unique link to your new brushset
       - instructions include if you run into any issues importing

2) one metallic procreate color palette (also ready to be directly imported to procreate)
** IMPT: Use this color palette for the brushes with asterisks(**) next to their names. These brushes have special settings that make the colors look metallic , so must choose a darker color than you think you need. 


As always, I welcome feedback, requests, commissions, etc. Please reach out if you have any questions about the set, and I will be happy to chat!