Here are 7 popular lettering brushes for the procreate app! These seven procreate lettering brushes are the most popular styles on Etsy. There are a mix of modern lettering and classic calligraphy styles. These beginner-friendly brushes will look beautiful in your next lettering piece. 

Please note these brushes are designed using an apple pencil, and you must use an apple pencil to get the effect shown above. All seven brushes are pressure-sensitive. I designed each brush to be very smooth, so this brushset is extremely suitable for all levels. 

Here are the brushes:
- Bouncy: a fun, bouncy lettering brush. Lots of taper, a classic "etsy" font!
- Classic: a beginner-friendly brush, similar to a classic brush pen but with a bit more bounciness and loop.
- Modern: the trendiest brush of the set -- this is an Etsy classic, and is THE most popular brush of the set!
- Flourish - the thin, delicate calligraphy of the group. Perfect for flourishing
- Chunky - a dark, bold brush with lots of stroke control and pressure sensitivity
- Crayon- A bold, extremely smooth brush. Textured and very silky writing 
- Brush Pen: A classic, low-taper but incredible smooth and angled brush pen. 

- This lettering brush is designed for an Apple Pencil in the Procreate app on the iPad Pro. You must use an apple pencil to get the results shown. 

- a brushset file that you can directly import to procreate. Please note these digital brushes are meant for the Procreate app, and not Photoshop.

- Once your payment is confirmed, your download will be available through your confirmation email from Etsy or at You will be able to import the brush file directly into Procreate.

This is a digital download and you will not receive anything in the mail.
Once your payment is confirmed, your download will be available at https:/
To import your Procreate brushes, you can follow the directions available in this download.

Pack of 7 Most Popular Procreate Lettering Brushes

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